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ECP Tortement



Auqa Warriors
Lava Knights

Round 1:

RBAA vs. ALAS When: Friday, September 12 @ 4:30 pm est. Where: Ice Bound, Forest

BW vs. Lavaknights  When: Saturday, September 13 @ 9:00 am est.  Where: Ice Bound, Forest

Auqa Warriors vs. Romans When: Saturday, September 13 @ 10:00 am est.  Where: Ice Bound, Forest

Round 2:

_____ vs. _____ When: Saturday September 13 @ 12:00 am est.  Where: Ice Bound, Ice Burg

_____ vs. _____ When: Saturday September 13 @ 1:00 pm est.  Where: Ice Bound, Ice Burg

_____ vs. _____ When: Saturday September 13 @ 2:00 pm est.  Where: Ice Bound, Ice Burg

Round 3:

_____ vs. _____ vs. _____ Sunday, September 14 @ 2:00 pm est.  Where:  Ice Bound, Cove

Winner: _____





  1. Each Team must show up 15 minutes before hand.
  2. Each Team must take at least 2 pictures. (to clarify victory/defeat)
  3. Single loss elimination.
  4. If a team leaves the Eastern rooms of Club Penguin and goes into other rooms, they’re automatically disqualified.
  5. Battles are a minimum of 20 minutes.  Maxmum of 40 minutes.
  6. Each victory declaration must be reasonable.
  7. Do not claim victory until Battle is reached Minimum of minutes.
  8. Have good sportsmanship.
  9. HAVE FUN! D ;)

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Today is 9-11 😦 Today take the time to remember everyone who died in that incident.  😦 …………………………………………………………….. Thank you.  So everyone who lives in New York, I’m very sorry for you.  😦 Today no fighting, or wars.  But please, take a minute or two and just pray for everyone who died because of that day.

Thank you

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Posted by: bobcat48 | September 1, 2008

Helping Out

Sorry I havn’t made a post in a while.  =/

We need to help out Lavaknghts

FGR is rageing a  war on Lavaknights.  It was originally a full war but Crowl38 (lavaknights leader) went to their site and it said its just a war.  If u don’t know wat they look like here’s a pic.

Lavaknights need as many allies as possible.  So were gonna pitch in to help them.  Here’s the info

  • WHEN: monday september 1st
  • TIME: 4:00est
  • WHERE: Tuxedo, Dojo
  • WHO: Lavaknights, Aqua Warriors, RBAA, BW vs RPF,FGR,romans


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Posted by: bobcat48 | August 21, 2008

Practice Battel Results/Biggest Alliencship Ever

Ok.  The practice battel was great!  The Reds said that they won, but really we agreed on a tie before they declared victory.  Everyone who came gets 2 medals.

I Am Cool 48
Rockin Dude

Sorry if I forgot anyone, comment and tell me if I forgot you.

Biggest Alliencship Ever:

Ok guys.  At the end of the Reds war, Person1233 and I were talking.  Seeing how big each of our armies were, we decided to be great allies and we made sort of an alliencship army. is the site.  RBAA stands for Red and Blue Alliencship Army.  Everyone in this army, please join that one for it is like an alliencship army sorta.  But don’t worry.  We’ll still have BW.  But seeing how big we both could be in a battle, we knew if we combined our power, we would be unstopable!  So like I said, please join the RBAA.

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Posted by: bobcat48 | August 19, 2008

Practice Battel Vs. Reds/One More Chat

Ok guys, tomorrow were having a practice battel with Reds army.  Its at 10:00 AM est.  (XD)  sry guys.  Snow Dirft, Snow forts.  See you then!  If you show up you get 2 medals.

One More Chat

Ok guys.  Were gonna have one more chat box change.  Now this ones a Chat Group so look at the bottom of it and tell me what you think!  Heres the link.  Also it will be in the links.


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Posted by: bobcat48 | August 18, 2008

Victory! w00t w00t!

Ok, we creamed BB.  They didn’t even show up!  XD  Anyways, thanks to all who came.  You will each receive 2 medals.  Congrats!

Oh and also, the ranks have changed a lot.  Check them our if you can.

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Posted by: bobcat48 | August 15, 2008


Sorry about posting so quickly.  Read the previous one too 😉


Were having a fun war with BB.  Even though its a fun war, you must attend!  w00t w00t!  Show up at least 10 minutes before hand just to be prepared.

Date: 8/18/08

Time: 7:00 est. 4:00 pst.

Server: Snow Drift

Room: Snow Forts

After that war were also gonna be batteling RPF, UPAF, and CPW.  Those wars will be another day.  Its not scheduled yet but it will be.  Those wars could get us into the ANTA and  maybe even the 5 major armies!!!!!!  So you must attend at all cost.  Thanks!

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Posted by: bobcat48 | August 15, 2008

Another Retirment/MORE PPL THAN RPF w00t w00t

Okay guys, two more great BW soldiors have retired. 😦 I know its sad.  One of them is Rca123456 and the other one is Smeeble.  Say bye to them if you see them.


Guess what!?!?

We have more total people in our ranks then RPF!!!!!!  w00t w00t!  So we should be considered one of the MAJOR armies I guess.  No offense RPF.  You still are a great army.

w00t w00t!!

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Posted by: bobcat48 | August 12, 2008

Temorary Chat Box

Ok guys, the computer in my house that I’m main owner on the chat is broken.  So until that computer gets fixed, were gonna be using this chat box here.

Try to get on while I’m on so I can make you your respective position like mod, owner, member.

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Posted by: bobcat48 | August 11, 2008


Ok!  here are the winners of the 4th in Command vote and the governer vote!!!!!

Our 4th in Command/President of Snowfall is…….. Ltshaqcena10!  With 8 votes.  The Runner up was Iceyfeet1234 with 4.  And in 3rd place was Rca123456 with 3.


Our Governer of Snowfall is…….. Berry0013!  With 19 votes!  Thr Runner up was Puckley with 14.  3rd place was Buffonotis with 1 vote.  And 4th place was aybaybay with 0 votes.

Congrats to the winners and thank you all for enetering.  🙂

Over and Out,

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